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RubyMotion's spec output is a bit dreary -- it works, but it is dense and hard to scan.

This pull colorizes a few aspects of the TestUnit output to more closely resemble that of other Ruby test frameworks:

  • passing specs are denoted by green period
  • failing specs are denoted by a red F
  • test count line is red or green depending on the passing state of the specs
  • the test duration has been truncated to two decimal points
  • more whitespace has been added

I'd like to colorize the failing specs as well, but that requires more significant code changes.

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lrz commented Oct 8, 2012

Thanks for this change. I believe it should be in a separate format class however, as we probably don't want colors in the terminal by default.

HipByte member

Done! I added ColorizedOutput, which is included by passing output=colorized. See 2104880

Can you let the google group know about this new feature?

@colinta colinta closed this Jun 13, 2013
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