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Added project description in the main readme #22

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When I got into this set of examples it was not very practical to have to browse all the projects in order to find the ones that demonstrate the concepts I was interested in. The names being not very explicit, I decided to duplicate the description in the top level readme.

I feel it's more readable that way.

Let me know what you think


I like the idea, but I’m afraid this will run out of sync at some point. Since I’m on the fence I will close this for now, however, if you feel strong enough about it to update it for the current state of the repo, then I will merge it.

Thanks regardless!

@alloy alloy closed this
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@@ -9,6 +9,22 @@ This repository contains a collection of RubyMotion examples.
== Projects
Each one of the sub-directories in this repository is a genuine RubyMotion project that demonstrates one or more particular features of iOS.
+The projects currently available are:
+- Beers: Tabs Bar, Table View, Map View, Web View
+- Fonts: Table View, Accessory View, Fonts
+- Table: Table View, Gestures
+- Hello: Custom View Drawing, Touches
+- HelloGL: GLKit (OpenGL)
+- Location: Table View, Core Location, Core Data
+- Mustache: Images, Face Recognition, Gestures
+- Paint: Custom View Drawing, Bezier Paths, Gestures, Audio Player
+- PaintHTML: WebView, HTML5 backend
+- StoryboardCustoms: Storyboard based view design, Transitions
+- TicTacToe: Game Engine
+- Timer: Timer, Label, Button
+- Trollify: Images, Image Picker, Camera Roll, Action Sheet, Gestures
+- Tweets: Table View, Custom Table View Cells, Grand Central Dispatch, JSON
Check their +README+ files to know more. Type +rake+ from there to build and try the sample in the simulator. You can find the full source code from their +app+ directory.
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