Add suport for headears as Tokens or any kind of authentication. #5

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I'm using a Token to authenticate my API, and use a header for this, it would be great to add a field to the resource for this auth methods, I imagine adding a section to the resource as 'authentication' will be fine with some 'headers' section or 'body' section for those using either headers or normal data to authenticate the request.



Ditto. Perhaps a global params section (if authing with query or post params) and/or a param type "header".


Yes, you're right. I think the global parameter section is convenient for this requirement. It will be implemented as soon as.


I imagine it can be done with a global parameter section, but it's also true that authentication is per se an important part of any API, and it deserves an special position in the docs.

It think that it should be possible to have not just the global parameter section, but also an authentication section.

I imagine you can push this argument to: "We're going to start having separated sections for everything" and give as an answer: "No section for you! Next!", but check that almost any API docs has a separated paragraph explaining the authentication method and I don't see why we shouldn't have one.

Bye, enjoy your soup.


👍 API Authentication is frequently a royal pain in tools like this. Let's make it brain-dead easy. I'm going to think about this for a bit...

Nonetheless... I'd love a global params section (think "format=json" kinda stuff). Jorge, I suppose you'd rather see that as a separate issue as to not muddy the authentication waters.


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