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University Domains and Names Data List & API

Do you need a list of universities and their domain names? You found it!

This package includes a JSON file that contains domains, names and countries of most of the universities of the world.

Example usecases:

  • You can create a validation script that checks the email domain.
  • You can automatically generate a user's country and university by looking at their emails.

You can use this data source in three ways:

  • Use the JSON file as your data source and do whatever you like with your favourite programming language.
  • Use free hosted-API.
  • Use the tiny Python app to serve a fast API that you can query data.

1 - Using the Data Source

The whole data source is located in the world_universities_and_domains.json file. It is just a list of dictionaries in the following format:

	    "alpha_two_code": "TR",
	    "country": "Turkey",
	    "state-province": null,
	    "domains": [
	    "name": "Sabanci University",
	    "web_pages": [

If you want a smaller final payload and only need a subset of countries, run $country1 [Optional: $country2]

from the root directory to return


NOTE: Some universities use a format like [user]@[department].[domain], but this list only contains the [domain] portion. For example, an email address might be [student], and this list will contain '', the domain for the University of Southern California. Take this into consideration if using this list for email address validation.

2 - Using The Hosted API

This is the easiest method if you're making a small project or just want to discover the data without any hassle. It is sponsored by Hipo and free. If you have a big project, please host it on your own server.

Some example searches:

The hosted API uses university-domains-list-api package.

3 - Using the built-in API on your server

You can access the python API via university-domains-list-api


Please contribute to this list! We need your support to keep this list up-to-date. Do not hesitate to fix any wrong data. It is extremely easy. Just open a PR, or create an issue.


  • Yiğit Güler
  • Tuna Vargı
  • Patrick Michelberger
  • Rasim Demirbay
  • Ryan White
  • Bilal Arslan
  • anwilli5
  • Thomas Bauer
  • Emin Mastizada
  • Jai
  • Jimi Ford
  • Lars Schwegmann
  • Sedat Karancı
  • Charles Bedrosian
  • Harrison Lo
  • mattdfloyd
  • Ender Ahmet Yurt
  • Enis Behiç Tuysuz
  • Syed Zakawat
  • Daksh Shah
  • Maizer Gomes
  • Denys Vitali
  • Ary Wibowo
  • Matt Floyd
  • Joris Boquet
  • Konstantin Ladutenko
  • Romain Odeval
  • remediate
  • Errorific
  • summerplaybook
  • hamedty
  • Sedat
  • Sotirios Roussis
  • majilesh
  • Itay Grudev
  • luungoc2005
  • Ajithkumar Sekar
  • Christopher Chen
  • Dimitris Karakostas
  • Chun Fei Lung
  • Mamat Rahmat
  • Wisnu Adi Nurcahyo
  • jvanstraten
  • Ekin Dursun
  • Kevin Bohinski
  • Lachlan Marnham
  • Baptiste Pellarin
  • Kelian Baert
  • more

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University Domains and Names Data List & API







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