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[SUGG] Changeling Revamp, Multi tile mob, more #8830

zamolxius opened this issue Aug 28, 2018 · 7 comments


5 participants
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commented Aug 28, 2018

[Title]: # Changeling revamp. Condoned by carbonhell

[Implementation]: # new shit

[Why]: because current changeling implementation is shit


Be sure to ask some maintainer to label this issue as a feature. Either ping them on our discord or PM them on our forum. Thank you for sharing your ideas!


Snippets from coderbus

But if genocide isn't an option... I'll see what I can come up with
Well the thing is, people have always moaned about lings
Usually because at thier core it boils down to "kill someone silently, rend them uncloneable and stash their body somewhere hidden"
How about making it some sort of team antagonist?
With a single body though.
so fix the core idea, make the ling make corpses coccoons that hatch into simple minions?
The idea was for a new gamemode based on absorbing people's souls as a special human where each limb is controlled by a player
but it would be hilarious to see 5-6 people try to move a single mob
Twitch plays ss13

Movement by 1 player
Attack by another

interaction by another and to work correctly everyone must do their job
1 controls lefthand, 1 righthand

so i only know i wanted some sort of abomination controlled by multiple players
no joke, what if there was only 1 ling and as he absorbed people they would become part of his mind And he can make them into mobs

how about a great gooeey multi tile mass with a few organelles and legs controlled by people and you get dynamic texture bending between the organs

and it cant fit in tight spaces too much, needs to put the claw/tentacle inside the tunnel to grab the grayshit out

Top tier power would be "perfect replicant" the ling can spit out a hivemind controlled clone of an absorbed player. yeah thatd be cool, like the alien in the warcraft 3 custom map, metastasis

What if the ling can absorb people so said people can speak to the ling and basically be within the ling body, but once in goes horrorform, it becomes a 2x2 abomination with the limb control idea and the minds get to play again
thatd be cool and more people would buff horrorform

lifeweb has a thing where the changelings come together, 9 of them, extend tentacles and hug naked to become a big fleshy monstrosity called the Collective which must devour everyone, and its all controlled by everybody else different enough, their changelings are named THEY and instead of absorbing make you eggs which grow into more THEY
It's the fact it can all be ruined by one faggot holding a key That makes it horrible. if you make ORGANS controllable individually its better than the whole mob controlled by all leg pounces, claw hurts, tentacle grabs

but imagine a cool scene where the horrorform reaches for a poor little doctor into a small room, trying to catch it, because it cant enter fully
i would really like if the horrorform was a true 2x2 mob

So the changeling idea
we shamelessly steal goons hivemind idea and fucking run with it
ghosts talk with changeling, they cant leave
They basically become a part of the changeling.
be sure to add the silence aswell or else people will spam wgw
In our case, we add all sorts of cool shit the changeling can do with them. Say the changeling can create little hard to see flies that can ventcrawl so it can spy on shit. Like you send your little spy-fly into the brig to make sure its clear . Then like, a little organic drone Is a step up That can sabotage shit but dosn't have that "can pass under lasers" shit real drones have
ok so on goon a changeling can detatch its arm to make a kind of attack mob ling makes armblade ling cuts its own fukken armblade off. make it so it hads tiny fingers as leg and a brain with an eye on it
and replace the armblade with stun tentacles instead smh. or one that grabs you down and holds you rested. actually replace armblade with toxic stinger that's visible.
or make one that's a flesh carpet that grows on a location like alien weed, give it a camera restricted to the weed like the xenobio camera

Going up a tier we can just steal a holoparasite wholesale and give it an organic sprite My idea is one of the highest tier powers is "perfect replicant You literally create a clone of a human you absorbed and someone becoems him

The core focus is to make it so changelings aren't literal fun suckers for anyone they try to kill
make it so abillities are locked and with each zucc you unlock . I was thinking like each zucc gives you hiveminders to use but you can slowly accumulate biomass rather like chems. And horror form would have like tendrils that behave like holoparas sorta


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commented Aug 28, 2018

We were discussing this in coderbus, i want it badly. It would make victims happy, the ling even more happy and the players wouls actually be scared of it. +1
It needa futher design discussion tho


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commented Aug 30, 2018

this is outrageously insane and i love it



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commented Aug 30, 2018


@Carbonhell Carbonhell added this to Approved ideas to do in Feature board Aug 30, 2018


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commented Oct 4, 2018

we gotta start working on some of this shit.


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commented Nov 22, 2018

Please start working on this ASAP


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commented Apr 6, 2019

this would be amazing but likely complex to implement. recommend $5-$10 for the whole thing

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