A wifi-remote-controlled vehicle using Tessel
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A starter project for getting your Tessel on wheels!

Hardware Setup


* Included in the highly-recommended Johnny-Five Inventor's Kit.


Starting with the motors, slide the long Motor Mount Screws through the 2 holes in the Hobby Gear Motor:

Motor with screws

Attach with nuts. Repeat for the other motor.

Motor with screws, reverse view

Attach the Caster Wheel to the narrow end of the Acrylic Frame using 4 screws and nuts.

Attach the Hobby Gear Motors to the Acrylic Frame with the Motor Mount facing the center of the frame; the tip of the motor should be facing the Caster Wheel.

Attach the Tires to the now-mounted motors.

Place the breadboard and Tessel 2 on top of chassis with the Tessel at the front, using the following diagram to hookup the motor driver to the Tessel:

motor driver fritzing

Once the wires are in place, use a few rubber bands to keep the breadboard and Tessel in place when the Tesselmobile starts moving.

Use the Cable Ties to mount the Powerbank under Frame, probably overlapping the breadboard on top, with the USB ports facing out the left side of the chassis.

Hold off on using the micro USB -> USB cable to power the Tessel until the program is loaded.

Software Setup


Start off by cloning this repo and cding into the created folder:

git clone https://github.com/HipsterBrown/tesselmobile.git
cd tesselmobile

Install the npm dependencies needed to run this project:

npm install

Connect the Tessel to your computer using the USB cable. After the blue light has stopped pulsing:

t2 rename tesselmobile
t2 push app.js

Once the confirmation that the program has been successfully installed on the Tessel, disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Now connect the Tessel to the Powerbank.

When the green and amber lights come on, look for the "TesselMobile" network on your computer or another web browsing device and connect to it with the password "SuperSecret123". Once connected to "TesselMobile", open up a web browser pointing to "http://tesselmobile.local".

motor controls UI

Click around and watch your Tessel move!

final assembled car

Moving Forward (pun intended)

Check out the Tessel Hardware API docs to learn more about pulse width modulation (pwm) and the other capabilites to continue adding features to your project, i.e. a slider to the app to control the speed of the car.


Please open an issue if you run into any problems during development or operation.