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One-click script to install MTProto Proxy on CentOS 7, Ubuntu and Debian
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MTProto Proxy Auto Installer

A very small script to install MTProtoProxy On Centos or Ubuntu


Why this installer?

  • Generate random secret
  • Automatically configure firewall
  • Create a service to run it on background and start up
  • Choose between Official Proxy, Python Proxy and Erlang Proxy
  • Easy to setup
  • Revoke and add secrets after install
  • Supports Centos 7 or Ubuntu 16 or later and Debian 9 and 8
  • Automatically configure NTP
  • API Support

Official Or Python Proxy?

Use python if:

  1. Your server's CPU has one core or you want to run proxy on one core.
  2. Your server is low-end.
  3. You are serving a small group of people. (Like family or small company)
  4. You want to limit user connections.
  5. You also have another application or service running on your server. (Openvpn, shadowsocks, nginx or ...)

Otherwise, use official proxy.


Python proxy says it can serve about 4000 concurrent connections with 1 CPU core (~2.5 GHz) and 1024MB RAM.

Official proxy can serve about 10000 to 16000 connections per core.

Python Script

Before You Begin: Do not use OVH or IPHoster datacenters for MTProto.


On your server run

curl -o -L && bash

Wait until the setup finishes, you should be given the links. (using systemctl status mtprotoproxy -l will display said links as well)

To update, uninstall, change port, revoke secret or... the proxy, run this script again.

Managing The Proxy


Use systemctl start mtprotoproxy to start, systemctl stop mtprotoproxy to stop and systemctl status mtprotoproxy -l to see logs of script.


To manually config, proxy edit in /opt/mtprotoproxy to change the config; Then restart the server using systemctl restart mtprotoproxy or just run script again.

Official Script

Before You Begin: Do not use OVH or IPHoster datacenters for MTProto.


On your server run

curl -o -L && bash

and wait until the setup finishes and you will see the links after install.


Each worker can handle more than 10000 connections on a modern CPU. Connections will be split between workers. Do not spawn workers more than your CPUs thread count.

Auto Install (Keyless)

You can use command below to automatically install MTProto proxy to without even pressing a key.

curl -o -L && bash PORT SECRET [TAG]

You can enter more than one secret by splitting secrets by ,.

Example of using 443 as proxy port, 00000000000000000000000000000000 and 0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef as secrets , and empty tag:

curl -o -L && bash 443 00000000000000000000000000000000,0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef

Managing The Proxy


Use systemctl start MTProxy to start, systemctl stop MTProxy to stop and systemctl status MTProxy -l to see logs of script.


The service file is saved in /etc/systemd/system/MTProxy.service. You can edit it manually. There is also a file named mtconfig.conf at /opt/MTProxy/objs/bin that is created by script. It’s used in loading proxy configs by script. You must not delete this file ,however, you can edit it. Also if you have enabled auto updater, you will have two other files named and updater.log

Erlang Installer

Thanks to @seriyps creator of the Erlang Proxy you can now install the Erlang proxy with a script.

Note: This script works on Ubuntu 18/19 , Debian 9/10 and Centos 7.

curl -L -o && bash

You can also just provide port/secret/ad-tag/protocols as command line arguments:

curl -L -o && bash -p 443 -s d0d6e111bada5511fcce9584deadbeef -t dcbe8f1493fa4cd9ab300891c0b5b326 -a dd -a tls

Other Information


Setup will try to configure the proxy on public zone. However you can manually enter these rules in case of any error or whatever. Just rerun the script and choose Generate Firewalld Rules and script will generate and apply firewall rules.

Random Padding

Due to some ISPs detecting MTProxy by packet sizes, random padding is added to packets if such mode is enabled. It's only enabled for clients which request it. Add dd prefix to secret (cafe...babe => ddcafe...babe) to enable this mode on client side.


Fake TLS

Fake TLS is a method that makes the proxy traffic look like TLS (something like websites traffic). In order to make your clients use it you have to share the specific link with them. The script will print it at the end. Fake-TLS links begins with ee.

Quota Managment

I've written a small program in golang(link) to forward traffic with quota managment. I've also written a guide here in order to configure it with MTProto. Right now it also supports the limiting the amount of connections per port. Persian Guild

How to install on Windows?

I've written a small guide to install that on Windows. Please read wiki for more info.


You can use any VPS or Dedicated Server. If you want a cheap and low-end server, I personally recommend to buy one at Virmach; They also accept cryptos!

If you live in Iran and you want to pay with IRR you can buy one at Tikweb or ParsHost.

Persian guide to buying servers, installing script, making servers nearly censorship-resistant, FAQ and QoS

TL;DR: It wont get blocked, unless your ip gets exposed.(You share the proxy in a channel or something like it) DPI cannot detect fake-tls.

At first let's talk about Fake-TLS mode.

So basically Fake TLS is here in order make the proxies censorship resistent. So does it makes it censorship-resistent? Well yes but actually, no.

Some of you guys tested it for me! And here are the results: Most likely, Private Proxies do not get banned. Some guy told me that he had a private server with about 1k users and it's not blocked yet. So it looks like that it's undetectable by Iran's DPI. But unfortunately, Public Proxies are still getting blocked. It looks like (totally not sure) that they are using TL-Client bots (The users that are not users but they are bots; example api) are scanning the channels randomly for mtproto links and then they block it's IP. They usually get blocked in 2 hours. If you are planing to sell mtproto, your server may got blocked if it is shared alot. You can plain tunnel it through a domestic server to make sure that your foreign server is safe.

You are still reading? Good. Because I have something for you: As I said before, Iran most likely uses bots to scan the channels to detect proxy links. So to counter this, I've written a small bot to protect the proxy links with a captcha. Here is the link. In this case bots can't access the links and unless people do not share it in other channels, they have to manually go and extract the link of proxy.

What it used to be

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If you are going to invest in MTProto and you are going to publish your proxy's link, I think you should just turn back. I believe MTProto Proxy is a failed project in Iran. Continue reading for more info. Utilizing this for self-use could significantly lessen the chance of your server's IP getting censored. I don't say there is no way to make your server censorship-resistant, I just don't know them. Please do not contact me and ask me for other ways.

More info about Iran censorship: It roughly takes 15 ~ 2 hours to block your new public and non-resistant server. If you route your traffic through a local server, it speed will be throttled in 3 hours ~ 2 days. (Normal VPS)

Iran MAY use DPI to block your server. So private uses may not be safe too. I've written a small guide to route proxy with some programs from domestic servers. These methods are useful if you are using your proxy privately.

I DO NOT USE MTPROTO PROXY MYSELF (Right now I'm using it with Fake-TLS and it's been a month that my server is not blocked yet) You can also use shadowsocks with Cloak(Highly Recommended) or wireguard or openvpn instead.

(If you are from Iran, you may need to open this link with VPN)

English guide to buying servers and installing script

Proxy Projects

Python Proxy

Official C Proxy

Erlang Proxy


You can donate to me through bitcoin at 1XDgEkpnkJ7hC8Kwv5adfaDC1Z3FrkwsK, Ethereum at 0xbb527a28B76235E1C125206B7CcFF944459b4894, ZCash at t1ZKYrYZCjxDYvo6mQaLZi3gNe2a6MydUo3 and Bitcoin Gold at GcNgxfyR3nnAsD3Nhuckvq14sXYuDFkK9P

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