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An explorative platformer. Made with Godot Engine
C++ PHP GDScript
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All character designs & story elements © Oliver Rühl 2017

Please read the CHARACTERS_LICENSE for more info regarding the art used in this game.

Captain Holetooth - the Videogame!

The "Captain Holetooth" explorative platformer lives in a unique, story packed world. A cast of amazing characters helps Captain Holetooth to defend the "magic candy" (working title).

  • Deep backstory, rich world , fun characters
  • Explorative nature is appealing to many audiences
  • Characters are revealed during gameplay
  • Episodic content or chapters are planned (at least 5 short chapters are already written)
  • Open source game engine: Godot Engine
  • The game BETA is already available for Mac, Android, Linux, PC.
  • Controller support


Binary Downloads for Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android

Want to become part of the team?

Feel free to contact me here. I need programmers all of the time.

Talents needed (Reddit page with lots of detail)

Not a programmer?

Discuss the game and find out more on Steam!

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