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Port=29550 RPCPort=29551 1 Minute Block Times 40 Confirmations on Mined Coins.

Stats 15,000,000,000 Total Coins Block Times: 1 Minute Confirmations on Mined Blocks 40 Confirmations on Transactions 5 Port: 29550 RPCPort:29551

Config [code] rpcuser=YOURUSERNAME rpcpassword=YOURPASSWORD rpcallowip= daemon=1 server=1 listen=1 gen=0 port=29550 rpcport=29551 addnode= [/code]

CPU Mining Open console and type setgenerate true-1 to start mining.

GPU Mining Download the GPU miner. SOLO- Edit the solo.bat file and enter your config name and password. Start the bat file. [code]thorcoinminer -o -u confusername -p configpassword --scrypt --Nfmin 4 --Nfmax 30 --StartT 1393167677 [/code] POOL-Edit the pool-miner.bat file to include the pool ip and port, workername and password. [code]thorcoinminer.exe -o poolipandport -u poolusername -p poolpassword --scrypt --Nfmin 4 --Nfmax 30 --StartT 1393167677 [/code]