A helper for user support features in Atom.io
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atom-user-support-helper Build Status

This module helps developers to create the user support features in Atom.io.

Interactive Configuration Panel Random Tips Step-by-Step Tutorial


Add atom-user-support-helper to the dependencies in your package.json to use this module.

  "dependencies": {
    'atom-user-support-helper': '>=0.0.0 <1.0.0'

Then, write the initialization process in your main module:

import UserSupportHelper from 'atom-user-support-helper'

export default {
  activate(state) {
    const helper = new UserSupportHelper()
    // Write your initialization process using `helper`

Interactive Configuration Panel

This feature enables users to configure the settings by using the panel. It is useful if your package requires users to set some configurations at the beginning (e.g., the path of the command and the default value of something).

Add Configurations

First add configuration keys to the helper:

const helper = new UserSupportHelper()
const config = helper.getInteractiveConfigurationPanel()
config.add('atom-user-support-helper-sample.key1', {
  type: 'input',
  name: 'Key 1',
  message: 'The sample of "input" type interface',
  detail: 'The sample of "input" type interface',
  default: 'key',
  validate: (result) => { return (result.length !== 0) ? true: 'too short' }
config.add('atom-user-support-helper-sample.key2', {
  type: 'multipleList',
  name: 'Key 2',
  message: 'The sample of "multipleList" type interface',
  default: ['key1', 'key2'],
  choices: ['key1', 'key2', 'key3'],
  map: (result) => { return result.join(','); }
config.add('atom-user-support-helper-sample.key3', {
  type: 'list',
  name: 'Key 3',
  message: 'The sample of "list" type interface',
  choices: ['key1', 'key2', 'key3']
config.add('atom-user-support-helper-sample.key4', {
  type: 'dropdown',
  name: 'Key 4',
  message: 'The sample of "dropdown" type interface',
  default: 'key1',
  choices: ['key1', 'key2', 'key3']

There are 4 types of the input interfaces, a text editor (input), list / multiple list (they like the command palette), and a dropdown list (dropdown). You can select the UI depending on a configuration.

A validate function checks a user's input. A map function converts a user's input to the configuration value.

Show Panel

To show the panel, write:

  ['atom-user-support-helper-sample.key1', 'atom-user-support-helper-sample.key2',
   'atom-user-support-helper-sample.key3', 'atom-user-support-helper-sample.key4']
).then((result) => { console.log(result) }, (err) => { console.log(err) })

The show function returns the instance of Promise, which contains the Map instance between configuration keys and these values.

Random Tips

This feature enables your package to show the randomly selected tips.

Create and Add Tips

First add tips that you want to show:

const helper = new UserSupportHelper()
const panel = helper.createRandomTipPanel('atom-user-support-helper-sample')
panel.add('tip1', '<h1>Tip1</h1>')
panel.add('tip2', document.createElement('div'))

Show Tips

To show the tip, write:


Sample Repository

This repository provides the simple example of this package usage.


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICESE.md