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Yukarin: train the first stage model for voice conversion

This repository is refactoring the training code for the first stage model of Bcome Yukarin: Convert your voice to favorite voice.

Japanese README

Supported environment

  • Linux OS
  • Python 3.6


Installation required libraries

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run code (preliminary knowledge)

To run a Python script in this repository, you should set the environment variable PYTHONPATH to find the yukarin library. For example, you can run scripts/ with the following command:

PYTHONPATH=`pwd` python scripts/

Create dataset

Prepare voice data

Put input/target voice data in two directories (ex. input_wav and target_wav). These data should be same file names.

Create acoustic feature

Create input/target acoustic feature files from each voice data.

python scripts/ \
    -i './input_wav/*' \
    -o './input_feature/'

python scripts/ \
    -i './target_wav/*' \
    -o './target_feature/'

Align data

Align input and target acoustic features in time direction. In the following example, create the alignment data between input_feature and target_feature into aligned_indexes.

python scripts/ \
    -i1 './input_feature/*.npy' \
    -i2 './target_feature/*.npy' \
    -o './aligned_indexes/'

Calculate frequency statistics

Calculate frequency statistics for input and target voice data. Statistics are needed for voice pitch conversion.

python scripts/ \
    -i './input_feature/*.npy' \
    -o './input_statistics.npy'

python scripts/ \
    -i './target_feature/*.npy' \
    -o './target_statistics.npy'


Create the training config file config.json

Modify input_glob, target_glob and indexes_glob in sample_config.json, then can train.


python \
    sample_config.json \


Put the test input voice data in a directory (ex. test_wav), and run

python scripts/ \
    --model_dir './model_stage1' \
    --config_path './model_stage1/config.json' \
    --input_statistics 'input_statistics.npy' \
    --target_statistics 'target_statistics.npy' \
    --output_sampling_rate 24000 \
    --disable_dataset_test \
    --test_wave_dir './test_wav/' \
    --output_dir './output/'

Advanced: with second stage model

Become Yukarin's Second Stage Model can improve the quality of the converted voice.


Train the second stage model referring to Second Stage Model in Become Yukarin.


Put the test input voice data in a directory (ex. test_wav), and run

python scripts/ \
    --voice_changer_model_dir './model_stage1' \
    --voice_changer_config './model_stage1/config.json' \
    --super_resolution_model './model_stage2/' \
    --super_resolution_config './model_stage2/config.json' \
    --input_statistics 'input_statistics.npy' \
    --target_statistics 'target_statistics.npy' \
    --out_sampling_rate 24000 \
    --disable_dataset_test \
    --dataset_target_wave_dir '' \
    --test_wave_dir './test_wav' \
    --output_dir './output/'


MIT License

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