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I now work on the official documentation, so please use that. This document is deprecated.

README - Please read the connection doc (Notably the Message Format) as you most likely need to encapsulate the WebSocket messages.

hitbox Web API:

Most headers will contain the lowest role that can access or see the command.

Role Description
guest You are a unregistered user. You cannot write in chat and any messages you send will be dropped. User list is also disallowed.
anon You are a normal viewer. You write and see the user list. Strict messages/second limits apply. Duplicate messages are disallowed.
user You are a moderator. You can kick/ban other users, set slow and sub mode but cannot IP ban a user.
admin You have full permission in chat. You can add/remove moderators and IP ban a user.*
chatMsg/infoMsg Role Description
isFollower If this user is following this channel.
isSubscriber If this user is subscribed to this channel.
isOwner If this is the channel owner, If so you can get the image of the owner in the "image" key.
isStaff If this user is a member of the hitbox staff and has admin rights
isCommunity If this user is a hitbox Ambassador and has admin rights

[*] Any user that is admin but isn't staff/community and does not have the owner flag is an editor.