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<h2 class="icon user"><?php echo _("Members"); ?></h2>
<?php if($user["logged_in"]===true): ?>
// Built up a query
$query = "SELECT `id`,`admin`,`name`,`registered`,`last_seen`,`location`,`country` FROM `t_users` ORDER BY `name`,`registered` ASC";
// Gather data
$result = mysql_query($query);
if (!$result) {
die("Error: SQL query failed.");
$usercount = mysql_num_rows($result);
// If some results, print out
if($usercount >= 1): ?>
<p><?php printf(_("We have %s registered hitchhikers using Maps!"), $usercount); ?></p>
<table class="infotable" id="users_list" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<th><?php echo _("User"); ?></th>
<th><?php echo _("Using Maps since"); ?></th>
<th><?php echo _("Last seen"); ?></th>
<th><?php echo _("Location"); ?></th>
<th><?php echo _("Country"); ?></th>
<?php if($user["admin"]===true): ?>
<th title="<?php echo _("Visible only for admins"); ?>"><?php echo _("Admins"); ?></th>
<?php endif; ?>
// Print out page rows
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
echo '<tr valign="top">';
// Name
echo '<td>';
if($row["id"] == $user["id"]) echo '<b>';
echo '<a href="./?page=profile&amp;user_id='.$row["id"].'" onclick="open_page(\'profile\', \'user_id='.$row["id"].'\'); return false;" title="'._("Profile").'">'.htmlspecialchars($row["name"]).'</a>';
if($row["id"] == $user["id"]) echo '</b> <small>&mdash; '._("That's you!").'</small>';
echo '</td>';
// Registered
echo '<td style="text-align: right;">'.date("j.n.Y", strtotime($row["registered"])).'</td>';
// Last time seen
if(!empty($row["last_seen"])) echo '<td style="text-align: right;">'.date("j.n.Y", strtotime($row["last_seen"])).'</td>';
else echo '<td> </td>';
// Location
if(!empty($row["location"])) {
echo '<td><a href="./?q='.urlencode($row["location"]).'" class="search_this">'.htmlspecialchars($row["location"]).'</td>';
else echo '<td> </td>';
// Country
if(!empty($row["country"])) {
$countryname = ISO_to_country($row["country"]);
echo '<td><a href="./?q='.urlencode($countryname).'" class="search_this">'.$countryname.'</a> <img class="flag" alt="'.$countryname.'" src="static/gfx/flags/'.strtolower($row["country"]).'.png" /></td>';
else echo '<td> </td>';
// Tools for admins
if($user["admin"]===true) {
// Is admin?
if($row["admin"] == '1') echo '<td class="icon tux">';
else echo '<td>';
<a href="admin/?page=users&amp;remove=<?php echo $row["id"]; ?>" class="remove_user ui-icon ui-icon-trash align_right" title="<?php echo _("Remove user permanently"); ?>"></a>
<a href="admin/?page=users&amp;edit=<?php echo $row["id"]; ?>" class="ui-icon ui-icon-pencil align_right" title="<?php echo _("Edit user"); ?>"></a>
} // only for admins
echo '</tr>';
<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
$("#users_list .search_this").click(function(e){
<?php if($user["admin"]===true): ?>
// Confirm delete
$("#users_list .remove_user").click(function(e){
if(confirm('<?php echo _("Are you sure?"); ?>')) {
$(location).attr('href', $(this).attr("href"));
<?php endif; ?>
endif; // if found users?
// Logged in?
error_sign(_("You must be logged in."), false);
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