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One of the problems with wordpress is the registration process. It is that it is very cumbersome. Which goes:

  1. Direct the user to the registration form.
  2. Send the user a random password based on their email.
  3. Make the user retrieve the email, copy and paste it then go back to the site.
  4. Log in.
  5. Change their password.

This method DOES, in fact, force the user to prove they own the email account. But what if you don't care about that? What if you just want to log them in without forcing them to confirm the email. There are many reasons to possibly want this.

This plugin: Allows for a sidebar widget or shortcode post form that simply asks for the user's email. If they enter a valid e-mail, the site simply logs them on. The user will not know their random password during this session, However they can request a new password link. i.e. the user will be forced to request a new password if they attempt to log on again with the same email. This would be especially useful on sites with limited user engagement, or on sites where users will only use the site one time.


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