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Sumobot Tournament System
This is a ruby on rails system, that may or may not be used. This is just
some code used to experiment with rails with the goal of having a system you
can register with as a contender and sign up your bots to compete. During
the event it would show a bracketing system as well as scores, etc.
Well that's the goal anyhow. We'll see how far we get
Installation Instructions
Get rails, etc. This project is rails 3.0 so read instructions on that.
Example for Ubuntu:
You may want to install RVM if you want multiple version so rails installed
Change into the SumoTourney directory and type:
bundle update
(Note: you will need libmysqlclient-dev to build mysql2)
Copy config/database.yml-example to config/database.yml
Edit the file and create an account in your SQL server that matches. You can
use sqlite3 for testing as well. Once you have the datbase setup (with the yml
file) then you need to initialize it
rake db:migrate (or rake db:migrate:reset if you munge the db)
Then start the server
rails server
You should be able to access it via localhost:3000
Adding an Admin
You need to use the Rails console to add an admin. After you create your first
contender (which would be an contender id of 1) Assuming this you type:
$ rails c
:001> => 1, :name => 'admin').save
After you login as an admin you will have an 'Admin' link in your login bar to
start matches and tournaments
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