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This is for the Procyon board from Teho Labs. This specific project is to
implement some OSC (Open Sound Control) functionality on the board. Right now,
it gets an address via DHCP and listens for OSC messages on UDP port 12000.
Simple callbacks may be set (see g_osc_state) for handling 32-bit int, 32-bit
float, string, and blob arguments. Most other arg types (but not arrays and
not bundles) are echoed out in some form, but not passed to any callbacks.
It is a single part of a larger project to rework the glass block LED matrix
for Hive13 (see link at the end) to combine the Processing and the Arduino
halves into a single board.
Note that to build properly, this needs a fair amount of setup, primarily
installing the proper CodeSourcery toolchain and StellarisWare from TI.
You will likely need to edit the file 'toolchainsettings' to point to your
own specific configuration. (If you follow the 'Getting Started' guide for
the Procyon board and have successfully made the examples run here, the
changes you made probably are sufficient for this project too.)
Currently it is set up to use the serial UART via an FTDI chip for flashing;
I have not attempted it with JTAG.
This is based on the Procycon example project called enet_uip.
* Procyon board:
* Procyon examples:
* Getting Started: (See the sections
for your specific configuration for how to set up the dependencies for the
Procyon board).
* Hive13 Glass Block Matrix:
* uIP TCP/IP stack:
* Open Sound Control 1.0:
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