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Want to help us a little? Great!

The library is intended to be improved and extended so that we all profit from its capabilities. Unlike many other “secure” services, Hive2Hive discloses its implementation and is open for any sort of contribution and constructive criticism.

We believe that everyone can contribute to make Hive2Hive even better!

There are several things - from simple to complex - you can do to help:

  • Star and watch the project here on GitHub
  • Spread the word and help us getting attention (e.g., follow/tweet about @Hive2Hive)
  • Suggest and post your ideas about improvements or extensions on the issues page
  • Participate in discussions, share your expertise
  • Help us with the documentation: JavaDoc, GitHub Wiki, etc.
  • Help us with the implementation of (your) features
  • Fork the project and send your pull requests
  • Help the community by answering questions on StackOverflow (tagged with hive2hive)

Also, if you are a professional cryptographer with interest in this project, any feedback on the project is very welcome!

Still uncertain about something? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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