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UNMAINTAINED -- A hardcoded statusbar for DWM
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Forked from TrilbyWhite's dwmStatus:

A great inspiration for many code optimizations has been OK100. Thanks! The last rewrite also took major inspiration and code from Suckless.

This is a hardcoded statusbar for my system and, like Trilby's dwmStatus from which this is forked, it was not meant to be flexible. Flexibility costs memory and processor time. This can, however, be used as a template for your own status bar app.


In order to succesfully compile this, you need to have the following dependencies installed:

  • libx11
  • alsa-lib
  • libmpdclient

To built and install, simply run

$ make
# make clean install


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License and should be treated as such. See COPYING for more information.

Copyright © 2014 Jente Hidskes

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