A simple color chooser written in GTK3 (like gcolor2)
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Choose colors from the picker or the screen

This README is only relevant for development resources and instructions. For a description of Gcolor3, screenshots and installation instructions for end-users, please see the website.

Compile from source

To compile Gcolor3, you need the GTK+ 3 development packages and your distribution's package containing the tools to compile packages.

When the build- and runtime dependencies of Gcolor3 have been installed, run the following commands to build and install Gcolor3:

$ ./autogen.sh
$ make
# make clean install


You can help translating Gcolor3 to your own language! Currently, Gcolor3 is available in Dutch, American and British English, French, Galician, German, Greek, Norwegian Bokmål, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

New translations are always welcome! To do so, simply follow these steps:

$ cd po
$ intltool-update --pot
$ mv Gcolor3.pot xx.po

Where xx is the code of your language (e.g. nl for Dutch or en_GB for British English). Edit the LINGUAS file and add your language code. Please keep the list sorted alphabetically. Lastly, open the .po file you just generated and translate all the strings. Don't forget to fill in the information in the header!

When a translation needs updating, execute the following commands:

$ cd po
$ intltool-update --pot
$ intltool-update --dist --gettext-package=Gcolor3 --output-file=xx.po xx

When you are done translating, either make a pull request on GitHub or send me the file via email.


For any bug or request, please create an issue on GitHub.


Please see LICENSE on GitHub.

Copyright © 2013 - 2016 Jente Hidskes <hjdskes@gmail.com>