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UNMAINTAINED -- A collection of simple, small time utilities
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A collection of simple, small time utilities.

From version 2.0 onwards, both GTimer and GStopwatch are copies from GNOME Clocks' respective stack pages. Prior to version 2.0, both utilities served more as a practice than anything else. Since I like the modern look of GNOME Clocks, but dislike the fact that all its functionality is combined into one application I have re-purposed its ui files into standalone utilities.


All utilities in GTimeUtils are written using GTK+ 3. For playing sound with notifications, you need to have gsound installed. To build, simply run these commands:

$ ./
$ make
# make clean install


You can help translate GTimeUtils to your language! To do so, simply follow these steps:

$ cd po
$ intltool-update --pot
$ mv gtimeutils.pot <language code>.po

Where <language code> is the code of your language (e.g. nl for Dutch, fr for French, en_GB for British English...). Edit the LINGUAS file and add your language code. Please keep the list sorted alphabetically. Lastly, open the .po file you just generated and translate all the strings. Don't forget to fill in the information in the header!

When a translation needs updating, execute the following commands:

$ cd po
$ intltool-update --pot
$ intltool-update --dist --gettext-package=gtimeutils --output-file=<language code>_new.po <language code>

Then make the necessary changes and overwrite the old .po file:

$ mv <language code>_new.po <language code>.po


For any bug or request fill an issue on GitHub.


Please see LICENSE on GitHub.

Copyright © 2015 Jente Hidskes <>