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UNMAINTAINED -- Sends a notification whenever MPD's state (play/pause/stop) or current song changes
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MPD Notify

MPD Notify sends you a notification whenever MPD's state changes (play/pause/stop) as well as when the currently playing song changes. For this to work, it requires a running notification daemon: it is not a notification daemon by itself.


MPD Notify supports connecting to remote instances. You can pass the -c flag to change the host and the -p flag to change the port:

-c host	  the server's host name, IP address or Unix socket path.
-p port	  the TCP port to connect to, or 0 for the default port. If "host" is a Unix socket
		  path, this parameter is ignored.


To be able compile and run MPD Notify, you will need to have the following dependencies installed:

  • libnotify
  • libmpdclient

To build and install, just run the following commands:

$ make
# make clean install


For any bug or request fill an issue on GitHub.


Please see LICENSE on GitHub.

MPD Notify is a fork of MPD Notification by Christian Hesse.