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A self-hosted web-based music player - just drag, drop and listen 🎵
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Groovebox Music Player

A self-hosted web-based music player - just drag, drop and listen 🎵

Gif of radio client


  • Add an infinite amount of playlists
  • Tracks are live as soon as they hit the playlist folder
  • Powered by PHP - no continuous program running on a port in the background

How To Install


  • Functioning web-server
  • PHP7

Installation Steps

  1. Copy contents of www/ (api/, client/ and tracks/) to a directory in your web-server - e.g. groovebox/


Add Music

All music is added to the tracks/ folder and sorted into playlists (sub-folders) of your choice - e.g. tracks/disco/

  1. Create a folder within the tracks/ folder. Any folder created will act as a playlist (you can create as many playlists as you like)

  2. Move all the music you want to play into the playlist folder - e.g. disco/my-awesome-track.mp3

Accessing Playlists

  1. To start listening to a playlist, add the name of the playlist folder into the URL as a parameter -
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