Connect the HoTT book to the Coq library #292

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andrejbauer commented Jun 21, 2013

Everything is in place for linking up the theorems in the book with the theorems in the Coq HoTT library, see the files etc/ and contrib/HoTTBook.v in the HoTT library. They are amply documented.

I am not sure whtether this is an issue for HoTT/book or HoTT/HoTT.

ezyang commented Jun 21, 2013

What would it mean to "link them up"? Is there even any toolchain support for this?


andrejbauer commented Jun 22, 2013

There is a script which munches the book and creates a coq file into which we can then put definitions that show how to things from the book in coq using the HoTT library. So the idea is that you can look at this coq file to find places in the coq library that correspond to theorems in the book. But it takes manual work to actually link up a book theorem with the corresponding coq theorem.

ezyang commented Jun 30, 2013

(For the record: this script lives in HoTT/HoTT, not the book repo!)


JasonGross commented Dec 31, 2013

Also for the record, the linking is making progress, thanks to contributors such as @marcbezem and @ezyang. There are prettified versions at and


mikeshulman commented Oct 20, 2014

Do we need to keep this issue open?


andrejbauer commented Oct 20, 2014

Nope, the system is working, I think.

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