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mikeshulman opened this Issue Oct 11, 2013 · 2 comments

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The script "make labelcheck" is not be robust to different versions of latex or something. On my work computer, it fails because there are extra numbers in all the section lines in the aux files, e.g. what used to be


has become


Maybe someone who actually understands the format of aux files could fix this...


LaTeX's .aux files have no special format, beyond that of LaTeX; any package can write lines to them during compilation, and they are read back in and evaluated at a special hook sometime during the processing of \begin{document} (as if you had pasted the contents of the .aux file into your .tex file). So it is unlikely to be the version of (pdf)(la)tex, and more likely to be the version of hyperref or some similar package.


Okay, instead of "the format of aux files" I should have said "the format of things that are written to the aux file by various packages".

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