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Client Build
Design Documents
OC sever connection details.txt

To swap between local testing and online play with the DO server change local_host in to true for using a local server and false for the DO server.

A build of the client is avaliable at /Client Build/dist/main/main.exe this build is set for the DO server only

Server and client are using python 3.6

The Best MUD

To help with the creation of this client server MUD I have created some useful design documents to steer the way I create the client and server. All images can also be found in the Design Documents folder.

Class Hierarchy UML



State Diagram

Server and Client

Data Transfer

Client and Server Overview

Connection Sequence Diagram

Player To Server Interaction Sequence Diagram

Player Talk/Move Sequence Diagram

UI Design


World Design

I also made a map to help myself with room creation and placement in the world. Cureently only a few of the church rooms are in use.
There is an editable version of this image which is bigger and has room indexing on it in the Design Documents folder.

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