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potentially one the best first person shooters ever created
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made with godot 3.0.6, should work with 3.1 but needs some adjustments like enabling collisions with areas for weapon raycasts

feel free to use it as the license is MIT tho i dont think that using these 3d models is a good idea

maybe this could be made into a first person shooter template? needs some work tho and some stuff must be removed entirely


first person controller

almost everything for ai is ready. it was never finished though

dismemberment. the system is quite advanced, it isnt used at full potential.

save system with quicksaves! probably could be improved

weapons - deploy/holster animations, reloading, alternative fire modes, shotguns, also there is an example of sniper rfle (with scope), rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher and akimbo guns

the controls are W A S D to move, SPACE to jump, CTRL to crouch, Q to kick, E to use but theres not so many thing you actually can use. You can pick objects up and flush toilets on the first level, number keys to select weapons, some weapons can be stored in the same slot

heres the video so you can see how it looks like in its current state

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