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[CBUS] - Cardano Stakepool - Cryptobus.FM

This is a Cardano pool from the non-profit initiative. We are located in Liechtenstein. The setup is georedundant and managed by people with 30 years of IT experience. You can read more at (coming soon) Cryptobus does not edit the pool, it is two very trustworthy people who administer the background. All the people published here in Github have NO key access.

Ticker: CBUS or [CBUS]

  1. Cardano Explorer 'cexplorer' Link
  2. Cardano Explorer 'Pool.PM' Link

Our CBUS Cardano Pool Details:

Ticker [CBUS]
Name [CBUS] - Cardano Stakepool - Cryptobus.FM
Pool ID pool1khwvcz8jz9auk53k698ywgr6ams27hrz20vnwqx2d4xggscp93f
Pledge 25.000,00 ADA
Location Liechtenstein
Website (cooming soon)
Margin fee 1.8%
Fixed fee 340₳

A Cardano staking pool is a group of individuals or entities that pool their resources together to increase their chances of being selected to create a new block on the Cardano blockchain. In the Cardano proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, the creation of new blocks is determined by a randomized selection process based on the amount of stake (i.e., the number of Cardano tokens) that each participant holds. By joining a staking pool, participants can pool their resources and increase their chances of being selected to create a new block and earn a reward.

Link to live data

We are the only known and public Cardano Staking pool in Liechtenstein

  1. Liechtenstein is a small, beautiful country located in the heart of Europe.
  2. The people of Liechtenstein are known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature.
  3. Liechtenstein has a stable and prosperous economy, with a low unemployment rate and a high standard of living.



Social Media:

Cryptobus.FM story:


The Cryptobus is an initiative to bring everyone closer to the experience, understanding and basic idea of Crypto on a completely new and personal level. We combine modernity, tradition and sustainability in a bright red Cryptobus. Where personality, becomes history. In the Cryptobus (video) podcast will take place. The topics in the Cryptobus Podcast holistically cover the crypto world, but not in the perspective of product placement, marketing strategies, trading behavior, or market analysis, but on the human and personal level. What can you think of it as? The topics are diverse from personal experiences, personal stories to personal touch points with the crypto world. We concentrate and focus on people. All (video) podcasts are published on the relevant and well-known platforms for podcasts and video.


The philosophy of the Volkswagen 'Bulli' T1 (Samba) reaches across all national borders. Be it Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, or even in Mongolia, everywhere the sweet classic car is known. In recent years, the dear Bulli, even shaped the new "Vanlife". From the end of 1949 until today in 2022, the Bulli exudes its charm. Everyone takes the charm of others, everyone has a different personal story with the Bulli and many he conjures even a little smile on' face. The tradition, the constancy, the familiarity up to the freedom, that also reflects the Volkswagen 'Bulli' T1. The connection between all this, serves the Cryptobus as a basis to open a new, exciting, freedom-loving, changed and diverse chapter. The birthplace of the CRYPTOBUS.

We look into the futurWe look into the futur

The basis of the Cryptobus is the human being, with the guiding idea 'Where personality, becomes history'. The special approach to look at a subject serves the understanding. The Cryptobus is located in the personality. The resulting (video) podcasts are always focused on the person and his personality. No products and no companies are promoted, at the same time there should be no advertising. The goal is to bring you closer to the crypto idea on a very personal level. In most cases there will be an interviewer and a guest, who will sit in the back of the Cryptobus and talk to each other.

Video Podcast Planning

We have the opportunity to create a video podcast with various people in the Vaduz and Liechtenstein area. This is directly not about the 'level of awareness', but about the people behind it. Currently there is a waiting list. The Video Cryptobus Podcast is broadcast and published monthly. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Cryptobus, please contact us. We look forward to the future with you and your experiences "Where personality, becomes history."


Cardano pool for the project






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