Java Client for ARK ACES (Qredit) ~ forked from the Ark
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Qredit Java Client

A simple Java client for the Qredit network.


Add the following repository to your pom.xml:



QreditNetworkFactory qreditkNetworkFactory = new qreditkNetworkFactory();
QreditNetwork qreditNetwork = qreditNetworkFactory.createFromYml("mainnet.yml");

HttpQreditClientFactory httpQreditClientFactory = new HttpQreditClientFactory();
QreditClient qreditClient = httpQreditClientFactory.create(qreditNetwork);

// Look up a transaction by transaction ID
String qreditTransactionId = "83d3fa00ff3ac45ec859403ecedda48b870d73d9eeaddc34a6a8b79556141f43";
Transaction transaction = qreditClient.getTransaction(qreditTransactionId);

// Create a transaction
String address = "QewU1vEmPrtQNjdVo33cX84bfovY3jNAkV";
Long satoshiAmount = 10000L;
String vendorField = "test message";
String passphrase = "liar secret already much glow student crystal paddle ...";
String transactionId = qreditClient
    .broadcastTransaction(address, satoshiAmount, vendorField, passphrase);