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RPC server implementation to easily connect to Qredit blockchain

Security Warning

All calls should be made from the server where RPC is running at ( i.e., localhost or ). The RPC server should never be publicly accessible. If you wish to access qredit-rpc from a remote address, you can whitelist the address with --allow <address>. Addresses allow you to use wildcards, eg. 192.168.1.* or 10.0.*.*.

If you do want to allow access from all remotes, start qredit-rpc with the --allow-remote commandline switch. This can be dangerous.

How To Use It

  • install Node.JS (
  • install forever npm install -g forever
  • install qredit-rpc: npm install HodlerCompany/qredit-rpc#master
  • start RPC server: node server.js --port 8000 (default port is 8080)
  • start RPC with remote server: node server.js --port 8000 --allow-remote --allow


If you would like to run from a docker environment, you will first need to build the container by running:

docker build -t qredit-rpc .

You will need to run the container with the --allow-remote option to allow the host machine to access the container.

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 qredit-rpc --allow-remote


  • Get account balance from address:
$curl -X GET "$ADDRESS"
  • Create account from passphrase: (params: passphrase)
$curl -X POST "" --data "passphrase=$PASSPHRASE"
  • Create (or get if already existing) account and encrypt using bip38: (params: bip38 (password for encrypted WIF), userid (to identify a user))
$curl -X POST "" --data "bip38=$BIP38&userid=$USERID"
  • Get backup from userid:
$curl -X GET "$USERID"

If you want to create several accounts for one user, you need to use a different userid.


  • Get last 50 transactions from address:
$curl -X GET "$ADDRESS"
  • Create a transaction: (params: recipientId, amount in satoshis, passphrase)
$curl -X POST "" --data "recipientId=$RECIPIENTID&amount=$AMOUNT$passphrase=$PASSPHRASE"
  • Create a transaction using bip38 for userid: (params: recipientId, amount in satoshis, bip38 (password to encode wif), userid)
$curl -X POST "" --data "recipientId=$RECIPIENTID&amount=$AMOUNT$bip38=$BIP38$userid=USERID"
  • Broadcast transaction: (params: id of the transaction)
$curl -X POST "" --data "id=$ID"

Note that if the transaction has been created via the RPC it has been stored internally, as such only the transaction id is needed to broadcast/rebroadcast it. Otherwise if created outside of this RPC server, pass the whole transaction body as the POST payload.


If you discover a security vulnerability within this project, please send an e-mail to All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


The MIT License (MIT)


Special thanks to the ARK team. .