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Toolbox for Acoustic Scene Creation and Rendering (TASCAR)

TASCAR is a collection of tools for creating spatially dynamic acoustic scenes in different render formats, e.g. higher order Ambisonics or VBAP. The toolbox has been developed for applications in the context of hearing research and hearing aid evaluation.

For installation of binary packages, please see


Grimm, Giso; Luberadzka, Joanna; Hohmann, Volker. A Toolbox for Rendering Virtual Acoustic Environments in the Context of Audiology. Acta Acustica united with Acustica, Volume 105, Number 3, May/June 2019, pp. 566-578(13), doi:10.3813/AAA.919337

Grimm, G.; Luberadzka, J.; Herzke, T.; Hohmann, V. (2015): Toolbox for acoustic scene creation and rendering (TASCAR) - Render methods and research applications. in: Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference, Mainz, 2015 paper

Grimm, G.; Hohmann, V. (2014): Dynamic spatial acoustic scenarios in multichannel loudspeaker systems for hearing aid evaluations. in: Proc. of the 17th annual meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Audiologie, Oldenburg, 2014. conferece proceedings

Grimm, G., & Herzke, T. (2012). A framework for dynamic spatial acoustic scene generation with Ambisonics in low delay realtime. In F. Neumann (Ed.), Proceedings of the Linux Audio Conference. Stanford, CA, USA: Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University. paper

Main author:

Giso Grimm


C++ unit tests (gtest):

make unit-tests

Reproducibility test:

make test

Measure test coverage:

make clean cleancov
make allwithcov
make coverage