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Simple Discord Bot Build Status JavaScript Style Guide

This is a Discord bot that has a variety of different features ranging from creating huge text to renaming random people.



Create a .env file and set the following values:

DISCORD_TOKEN=<discord bot token>
PREFIX=<prefix for bot commands>
EMBED_COLOUR=<hex colour code>
BOT_OWNERS=<user Id's>

You can enter multiple values for owner and admin roles, separate them with ,

Running the bot

General Requirements:

  • NodeJs
  • npm

Using just node

Just run npm install to get dependencies and start with npm start

Using pm2

  • Install the pm2 process manager by running npm i pm2 -g.
  • Download the dependencies with npm install like above.
  • Start the bot with pm2 using pm2 start index.js and stop the bot using pm2 stop index.js

Using docker


  • Docker
  • Docker-compose

Then simply run npm run docker-build to create the image (can be used to recreate after updates).
npm run docker-down to stop the bot.
npm run docker-up to start it again.

Adding your own commands

Adding commands is actually very easy, they all follow a structure similar to this:

const format = require('../lib/format.js')
const send = require('../lib/messageSender.js') // includes a few handy functions that automatically format responses nicely

const info = {
  'name': 'getroles', // the name of the command and how it is called (in this example its ""<prefix>getroles")
  'requiredPermission': '', // either BOT_OWNER, a discord permission string or empty for everyone
  'colour': '#3a7fc4', // colour for embeds sent by this command. If not set the default from the .env is used
  'enabled': true, // if you want the command enabled by default, false if you don't
  'man': // information printed by the help command
    'getroles', // command title
    'Returns a list of all roles in this guild', // description
    `${process.env.PREFIX}getroles`, // use
    [], // examples
    'MANAGE_GUILD' // required permission if any

module.exports = {
  getInfo: function () {
    return info
  command: function (msg, params) {
    // you can do whatever you like here, this is just the getroles command as an example
    let allRoles = [] => {
      allRoles.push( + ': ' +
    allRoles.sort((a, b) => a.localeCompare(b))
    send.standardResponse(msg, allRoles.join('\n'), info)

For a command to be valid it needs to be a .js file in the commands directory and must export getInfo() and command().


A small but modular bot for Discord





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