Hoiio Auto Attendant is a telephony service that automatically transfer your calls with a simple voice menu.
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Hoiio Auto Attendant

Hoiio Auto Attendant is a telephony service that automatically transfer your calls with a simple voice menu.

This is how it works:

  • When someone calls your Hoiio number, it plays a voice menu reading out various options such as "Press 1 to transfer to my office phone. Press 2 to ..."
  • The caller will respond by pressing the phone's keypad
  • As described in the voice menu, it will transfer to another phone number, record a voicemail or SMS



Clone this project:

git clone https://github.com/samwize/hoiio-auto-attendant.git

Download Hoiio PHP SDK, unzip it, rename to php-hoiio, and place it in the project folder.

Rename config-sample.php to config.php. This file contains the Hoiio account information and also the application configurations such as the voice menu. The next section will explain how you can configure the application.

You should have the following structure.

├── php-hoiio/				(Hoiio SDK)
├── auto-attendant.php 		(The app)
├── config.php 				(App Config)
├── .gitignore
├── README.md

Configure config.php

There are various configurations.

These MUST be changed:

$HOIIO_APP_ID 		= "";		// Get from http://developer.hoiio.com
$HOIIO_ACCESS_TOKEN = "";		// Get from http://developer.hoiio.com
$HOIIO_NUMBER 		= "";		// Hoiio Number that you bought eg. +16501234567
$MY_MOBILE_NUMBER 	= "";		// Your personal mobile number eg. +16501234567
$THIS_SERVER_URL 	= "";		// Your server URL eg. http://www.example.com/myapp/auto-attendant.php

To get a Hoiio App ID, Access Token and Number, read the next section.

You will probably also want to change the voice menu. It is a simple dictionary with the 'key' as keypad response, and the 'value' is a 2-element array containing the action (such as phone number to transfer to) and the text to read out.

The default voice menu:

$directory = array(
	'1'=>array($MY_MOBILE_NUMBER,	"to reach " . $MY_NAME . "'s office phone"),
	'2'=>array($MY_MOBILE_NUMBER,	"to reach " . $MY_NAME . "'s mobile phone"),
	'3'=>array('SMSALERT',			"to send " . $MY_NAME . " an SMS, and he will call you back"),
	'4'=>array('VOICEMAIL',			"to leave " . $MY_NAME . " a voice mail message"),

For example, it will read out "Press 1 to reach Junda's office phone.", and if the caller press 1 on the keypad, then it will be transferred to the mobile number. You many change the text and numbers as you like, or add more keys.

Hoiio Account

You need to register a Hoiio Account at http://developer.hoiio.com/.

With an account, login to Hoiio, create an app and note down the Hoiio App ID and Access Token.

Then go to Numbers and purchase a number of your choice.

Configure the number and change the Voice Notify URL to your server script URL eg. http://www.example.com/myapp/auto-attendant.php

Note: A free Hoiio account has trial restrictions. You would need to top up Hoiio credits to lift the trial.


Upload the project folder to any PHP web server.

Call your Hoiio number and you should hear the voice menu!