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Routine and procedures for STM8 MCUs.
C C++
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lcd.c Use Nokia 5110 LCD display via bitbang Oct 2, 2017
lcd.h Use Nokia 5110 LCD display via bitbang Oct 2, 2017
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sem.h simple embedded(encoder-like?) menu Oct 2, 2017


[ for Cosmic and SDCC compiler ]

delay.h - software delay functions

atomic.h - atomic operations. Based on AVR-LibC idea. Cosmic hasn't opportunity to declare variable in operator 'for'.

owire.h, owire.c - full software 1-wire functions. It has macro for use with interupts together.

SEM - simple encoder (or embedded) menu

Use only 3 functions. Flexible and small footprint.

Menu item has a structure:
| ->fwLink | -> text | type | this item |

Example menu structure:

'Item 1>'
'item 4'
'item 2'
'item 3'

Event route: mode: selected or unselected item
-each has: event( em_up, em_down or em_press)
-each of menuitem has code block for every value type that this one returns. Example has for submenu, signed char and unsigned char.

LCD display Nokia 5110 3110 on PCD8544 84x48

Implemented functions to print char or string to LDC with normal size or double size. Simple KOI8 table for readable RU texts. Also 'push byte' as a basic for primitive graphics.

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