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This is a README file for a Citation templates generator.

This generator has been designed to ease creation of Citation templates on various Wikipedias.

It still is in a rather early stage of development, yet it is usable. Try it out at

If you want to help, have a look at Issues tab above to see current development problems that need to be resolved. By all means, you are encouraged to fork this project and work on it, as I don't have that much time to do so myself :(

Deploying the generator
The generator has two sources. Main code is hosted on Github[1], and translation messages are hosted in MediaWiki's SVN[2]. The reason behind this is internationalization. Translations are done via TranlateWiki[3] and updated daily in the SVN.

I18N file can be obtained from MediaWiki's SVN by checking out /mediawiki/trunk/extensions/ToolserverTools/HolekCiteGen folder. Assuming you are in Citation generator's root folder, use these commands to quickly set it up:

 cd messages
 svn checkout .

You can also create a cron job to update allMessages.php:

 @daily cd $HOME/public_html/cite-gen/messages && svn up

If you forget to checkout the translation file, you will be reminded upon loading the citation generator with instructions how to proceed.