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N. Section => Summary, [so] purpose of this section
- detail 1
- detail 2
0. Intro, About us, Outline of the talk, etc.
1. What? => Show what it does, so people get a basic clue.
- Josh (?) does this:
- Get someone up on stage who has a repository that is not on travis-ci but that has a Gemfile.
- On a second notebook check the repository briefly and maybe make a quick correction to it (like add rake to the Gemfile).
- Then connect this notebook to the screen.
- Tell him to sign up with Github and hook up the repo.
- Tell him to go to the Github admin page and run the tests.
- Thanks. Reconnect the main notebook if necessary.
- Meanwhile Sven (?) introduces Travis:
- Travis is an open source CI solution for the Ruby community on the Web.
- Brief history (would make sense, but is there enough time? is it worth it at all?)
- Show the Travis UI and briefly click through it.
- Conclusion: So, Travis CI is a continuous integration service on the web that you can use to run your tests effortlessly.
2. Why? => Explain how it is different from others, so people understand the purpose.
- We're obviously not alone. List others. (CruiseControl, Jenkins, CIJoe, Integrity, Big Tuna ..., Railsonfire?)
- We don't just want to write another piece of software. We want to make the world a better place!
- List aspects (Ruby, Open API, Distributed, Community, Instant, Simple)
- Vision: Become for builds what Gemcutter is for gems.
3. How? (Architecture) => Explain how it is done, so people understand it's not that hard (and they can join)
- show how Travis works (Github => App => Worker => App => Clients)
4. Now => State of Travis: list achievements and awesomeness, so people understand it already rocks.
- Some statistics (lots of shit already)
- Who's testing? (RSpec, Cucumber, Devise, ...)
- Love
- Github loves us: they changed their API for us and will do more!
- Rails loves us: wants to test on Travis!
- Rubinius loves us: helps fixing bleeding edge rbx preview installs!
- People are throwing boxes at us. We can't even use as many servers as people want to give to us!
- We have great sponsors who help us run this service!
- Team
- We have an awesome team!
5. Then => Future: explain what we have on the list, so people get eager to jump in and help
- Connect loose ends of the Ruby community infrastructure (isitruby19, ... what else?)
- Eager tests for important Gems triggered by Ruby (Rubinius, ...) releases
- Integrate with Github more tightly (pre-tested pull-requests)
- Build more clients (desktop toolbar app, mobile clients)
- Build on other architectures (Macruby, ...)
6. Join us! => Explain how people can join us, so they'll do it :)
- @travisci ...
- Explain how there's something to work on in Travis for *every*: developer!
- Who's awesome? You're awesome!
FORK: either we have enough time. Then we do "A. CI Tips". Or we're out of time. Then we do "B. Questions"
A. Good CI practices
when getting your project ready for ci and testing in general, things to remember
- ruby debug
- gem groups
- version constraints
- rake file
B. Questions?
- Have the Travis naming question prepared in case people need a while.
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