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Perfect tension curve for the standup game:
Before we get started! We'd like to get your blood moving a bit.
1. So ... please everybody stand up for a second! ... Yes, this will only take a minute. Please everybody stand up.
=> Obviously everybody should be standing.
2. Now, Travis is about testing code. Please everybody sit down who is NOT testing their code. Not writing any
tests nor running any test suites.
=> Now still almost everybody is standing up. Mostly only a few non-programmers will sit down.
(Big "yes, I made it" experience.)
3. Now, Travis is also about open source. Please everybody sit down who is NOT involved in any open-source project
once in a while, like maintaing a gem or website or any other open source code, be it at work or in your spare time.
=> Now still a *lot* of people will be standing (at least that's what happened in Berlin). This will already be
interesting for people to see. (Also, by now the majority of the audience is in now in some sort of "yes-mode"
and feeling like being part of a big crowd of similar-minded devs.)
4. Now, please everybody sit down who is NOT running THESE tests for THESE open-source projects on a continous
integration server.
=> This is the big surprise and turning point. The vast majority will sit down ... and this is exactly our
target audience.
5. Now, please everybody sit down who is NOT running these tests on their continous integration server against
MULTIPLE rubies.
=> This now is fading out the tension curve. Only very few people will be still standing. These guys will be
curious about Travis, but they've already solved things for themselves.
Thank you! You will understand what's up with these questions during the talk.
Everybody will be very curious about the talk now.
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