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The Holmes-Toolbox provides useful scripts for managing Holmes projects.


Folder Project Description
linux-installer All Universal install scripts for convience
proxies Holmes-Storage Docker based proxies for optimizing database connections
start-scripts Holmes-Totem, Holmes-Storage Automatic start up scripts for systemd and upstart
test-scripts Holmes-Totem Directly tasks Holmes-Totem with a series of objects

How to easily move files from a local folder to Holmes-Storage

  1. Make sure your Holmes-Storage and your Holmes-Mastergateway are running
  2. e.g. go run push_to_holmes.go --gateway --user test --pw test --tags '["tag1","tag2"]' --comment "mycomment" --insecure --workers 5 --src virusshare --dir $dir

Alternative way:

  1. Move all you samples to one folder
  2. cd into folder
  3. findpwd-type f > out.txt
  4. Make sure your Holmes-Storage and Gateway are running
  5. e.g. go run push_to_holmes.go --gateway --user test --pw test --tags '["tag1","tag2"]' --comment "mycomment" --insecure --workers 5 --src virusshare --file out.txt

How to easily task Holmes-Totem:

  1. Create a file containing a line with the SHA256-Sum, the filename, and the source (separated by single spaces) for each sample.
  2. e.g. go run push_to_holmes.go --gateway --user test --pw test --tags '["tag1","tag2"]' --comment "mycomment" --insecure --tasking --file sampleFile --tasks '{"PEINFO":[], "YARA":[]}'
Resuming an incomplete upload

When executing Holmes-Toolbox for uploading samples, Holmes-Toolbox creates a new log-file in the "log"-folder. The name of the log-file is printed after Toolbox started and contains the current timestamp. If your upload crashes at some point, you can resume the upload by specifying the option --resume:

go run push_to_holmes.go --resume log/Holmes-Toolbox_2016-09-25_20:39:44.log --workers 5

All the commandline-parameters that were used for the upload which created the log-file, are automatically inserted, except for the "--workers" option. This makes it possible to start the upload with a different number of worker-threads, than before, if you experienced a bad performance before. When resuming, all the samples that were accepted before, are skipped (i.e. those that returned with a code of 200). All samples that were rejected (different code than 200) and those that were not yet tried, are uploaded.

Resuming an upload will also create a new log-file, where all the previously successful (and therefore skipped) uploads are marked with 200. You can easily get a list of all the files that were not correctly uploaded by executing

tail log/Holmes-Toolbox_2016-10-03_22:56:38.log -n +2 | grep -v 200