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Holmes-Frontend: A Webfrontendd for Holmes Processing



The Holmes-Frontend is supposed to be used to easily retrieve data from your Holmes installation and display it in a human readable way.

WARNING: State of Development

Holmes-Frontend is currently in an very early state. Please keep in mind that configuration options and significant code changes are expected and can occur at any time.


You can host the frontend with any common webserver that is able to serve html files. Alternativly you can simply clone the project to your local system and open then index file in your browser.

The important part is to edit the config file which can be found under assets/js/app/config.json.example, after this is done you just need to remove the example prefix and the frontend is good to go.

Please keep in mind that a running Holmes-Interrogation instance is vital for the frontend to work!

Internal structure

Please referee to the file.