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Holmes-Interrogation: An Interrogation Planner for Holmes Processing Build Status


The Holmes-Interrogation Planner is defined by the SKALD Architecture and serves as the focal point for performing analysis and render the data derived from Holmes-Totem.

WARNING: State of Development

Holmes-Interrogation is currently in an very early state. Please keep in mind that configuration options and significant code changes are expected and can occur at any time.

We also current only support a Service for API interaction.


After cloning this project you can simple build it using go build or go install. This requires a configured and working Go environment and the following packages:

go get
go get


You can deploy the binary everywhere you want, per default it is statically linked and does not need any libraries on the machine.

Next up you need to fill the config.json.example with your own values and rename it to config.json, after this simply execute the binary.


All necessary dependencies can be found in the Compilation section.


The binary accepts one command line parameter: --config to specify where it should look for the configuration file. If this is omitted it will search for the file in the current working directory.

Internal structure


The main process starts a few listeners to support multiple protocols. Currently only HTTP is supported, AMQP is planned and others are possible.

The listeners then wait for requests, parse them protocol specific and generate a generic request.

This generic request is then passed to a internal router that matches the request to a module and function and calls said function.

This produces a generic result which is then passed back from the router to the lister and the lister packs the result protocol specific and sends it back.