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A timed cache for Elm
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A simple elm module to help manage remote data that is accessed more often than it is fetched.

Say you have a task that fetches the number of pending notifications via a http call. You want to display the pending numbers in a badge on your navbar but don't want to make the http call with every navbar page reload. You also want to ensure that this is updated every 1 min to ensure you are showing the correct number to your users.

A contrived example of how to use this module with the scenerio above:

import TimedCache as TC

fetchPendingNotificationCount : Task Http.Error Int
fetchPendingNotificationCount = ...

-- We first init the model that we need:
(initModel, initCmd) =
    (1000 * 60) -- Fetch a new value every 1 minute
    0 -- The initial count of notifications should be 0

-- Our applications' model
type alias Model =
  { notifications : TC.Model Http.Error Int
  , ... -- Other fields of your model

type Msg =
  | NotificationMsg (TC.Msg Http.Error Int)

update : Model -> Msg -> (Model, Cmd Msg)
update model msg =
  case msg of
    NoOp -> (model, Cmd.none)
    NotificationMsg subMsg ->
      let (m, c) = TC.update model.notifications subMsg
      in ({model | notifications = m}, NotificationMsg c)

sub : Model -> Sub Msg
sub model =
    [ NotificationMsg <| TC.sub model.notifications
    , ... -- Other subscriptions you may need

view : Model -> Html Msg
view model =
  let notificationCount = String.fromInt model.notifications.value
  in div [] [ text <| "Number of notifications: " ++ notificationCount ]
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