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Modules, packages and profiles that drive Holo, Holochain, and HoloPortOS
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Holo Nixpkgs

Modules, packages and profiles that drive Holo, Holochain, and HoloPortOS.

Binary cache

On NixOS, add the following to /etc/nixos/configuration.nix and rebuild:

  nix.binaryCaches = [

  nix.binaryCachePublicKeys = [

Otherwise, add to substituters and to trusted-public-keys in Nix config file:

substituters =
trusted-public-keys =

For single-user installs (nix-shell -p nix-info --run nix-info prints multi-user: no), Nix config file is in ~/.config/nix/nix.conf.

Otherwise, for multi-user installs, Nix config file is in /etc/nix/nix.conf and changing it requires root access.


HoloportOS is an operating system based on NixOS that supports running Holochain applications.

Changing HPOS to Track develop vs. master

On your HoloPort or HPOS VM, the following command will alter your subscribed nix channel.

To track develop:

  • nix-channel --add
  • nix-channel --update (change develop above to appropriate repo branch... e.g. master, rc-version)

Your HoloPort or HPOS VM should now upgrade to your desired channel at the next auto-upgrade interval.

To begin the upgrade immediately, use the following command:

  • systemctl start holo-nixpkgs-auto-upgrade.service


If you have Nix installed, checkout the repo, enter nix-shell and then run hpos-shell. That will launch a HoloPortOS VM against current state of your local checkout, which is useful for iterative development.


Download the latest HoloPortOS VirtualBox OVA:

Refer to VirtualBox manual, chapter 1, section 1.15.2.

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