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REA economic network coordination software built on a Holochain backend. Implements the protocol.

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  1. holo-rea Public

    A ValueFlows / REA economic network coordination system implemented on Holochain & GraphQL

    Rust 78 7

  2. Container for Holochain/REA community of practise and associated documentation.


  3. REA economic network coordination software implemented on top of the Holochain prototype (Go version).

    JavaScript 12 1

  4. A ValueFlows-compatible offers & needs matching marketplace app, built with Svelte and running on Holo-REA.

    Svelte 4

  5. Forked from ivanminutillo/shroom

    a p2p economic network app

    JavaScript 2

  6. Metarepo that links and initialises all dependencies necessary for full-stack development of ValueFlows-compatible apps. Built for HoloREA initially, planned to extend beyond.

    Shell 1 1


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