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Distributed Public Key Infrastructure which runs on holochain
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Code Status In Progress Gitter License: GPL v3

Distributed Public Key Infrastructure on Holochain

Code Status: Pre-alpha. Not for production use. This application has not been audited for any security validation.

The DPKI module provides a few main features:

  1. A set of better key management methods for Holochain users.
    • Revocation key distinct from source chain key,
    • delegation of a revocation authority,
    • M of N signing by authorized peers for key revocation.
  2. A pluggable mixin module for any Holochain application to bridge to DPKI for both key management and continuity of identity across multiple Holochain applications
  3. A space to aggregate identity information:
    • Delegation of public-facing identity services to an identity service provider of your choosing.
    • Storage of identity information in PRIVATE entries on your own DPKI chain for selective release via capabilities tokens.
    • Linking of signed claims from third parties authenticating aspects of your identity.

We see these base features enabling a massive emergent identity ecosystem built on a foundation of self-managed public/private keys.

More info to come!


Prerequiste: Install holochain on your machine. You can install dpki very simply with this:

hcdev init -cloneExample=dpki


To do a test run of the dpki app simply type

cd dpki
hcdev web

you should see something like:

Copying chain to: /home/bootstrap/.holochaindev
Serving holochain with DNA hash:QmUwUdSwJ16e5mZf2owc7vKWDi1p46qUijkS5hh997Dohj on port:4141

Then simply point your browser to http://localhost:4141 access the dpki UI.


To run all the stand alone tests:

hcdev test

Feature Roadmap and Current Progress

  • Bring up to date with Alpha0 Holochain release
  • Security review and code cleanup of existing code-base
  • Multi-sig via Schnorr sigs instead of composed via holochain sigs?
  • Oauth bridging to enable people to be their own Oauth provider for outside web applications. :D
  • Clarify structure of identity claims & interfaces with them
  • Clarify 3rd-party identity provider protocols.


We welcome pull requests and issue tickets. Find us on gitter to chat.

Contributors to this project are expected to follow our development protocols & practices.


License: GPL v3

Copyright (C) 2017, The MetaCurrency Project (Eric Harris-Braun, Arthur Brock, et. al.)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the license provided in the LICENSE file (GPLv3). This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Note: We are considering other 'looser' licensing options (like MIT license) but at this stage are using GPL while we're getting the matter sorted out.

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