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Relay information from an OBD-II reader to an MQTT broker via Hologram Nova
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Hologram Vehicle Monitoring Example

This example uses the Hologram Nova USB Modem with a Raspberry Pi in order to relay OBDII data to the AdafruitIO cloud. This guide assumes you have access to a terminal on your Raspberry Pi. I recommend connecting via a serial terminal.


Run the following in a terminal, it will install the Hologram, Adafruit-IO and OBD Python SDKs as well as the Hologram CLI.

curl -L | bash
curl -L | bash

sudo pip install adafruit-io
sudo pip install obd


Run the Example

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Create a file with the following:
  1. Spin up the network connection through the NOVA
sudo hologram network connect
  1. Start the script
sudo python
  1. Go to your account and create a dashboard to watch your new feed named "fleet"
  2. ????

OBD-II Commands

The main example send up values returned from the SPEED command. Below is a basic example of how to use the OBD python library.

Here is a link to all the supported commands:

Give different ones a shot and see if there is data that you might find more useful from your vehicle.

import obd

connection = obd.OBD() # auto-connects to USB or RF port
cmd = obd.commands.STATUS # select an OBD command (sensor)
response = connection.query(cmd) # send the command, and parse the response

print(response.value) # returns unit-bearing values thanks to Pint

Adafruit IO dashboard

Dashboard set-up is similar to this guide

To better understand the API and different ways to send data you can check out these docs


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