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HolyJS TCXX proposals

ECMAScript proposals

Main TCXX repo


Note: This is not an official TC39 repo! If you are looking for actual TC39 proposals, you should visit

All contributors to this repository are expected to follow Code of Conduct

How to participate

Proposal repository should be created under your personal GitHub account and start with proposal- prefix (i.e. username/proposal-name-of-your-proposal).

Proposal repo should be in English. Please read how to write a good proposal recommendation from TC39.

Please be sure that similar proposal doesn't exist already in ECMAScript proposals list (also check stage 1 and stage 0 lists). We don't accept existing proposals.

One can add maximum of 3 proposals per conference.

After you've created a proposal repo, please file PR against this repo and add your proposal to one of the tables below.


Potential ECMAScript or Intl proposals

Potential proposals are proposals that you really would like to see at the next standards of ECMAScript or Intl.. For example String.prototype.capitalize

Proposal Author City and year of conference
String.prototype.capitalize Elena Pravdina Saint-Petersburg 2019
Fibers Dmitriy Karlovskiy Moscow 2019
Do..while extended lexical scope Vsevolod Rodionov Moscow 2019
"use strict" versioning Aleksei Anatskii Moscow 2019
"use implemenetation" hints for runtime polyfill replacement Aleksei Anatskii Moscow 2019
Object.propotype.{let, apply} Nikolay Kudryavtsev Moscow 2019
Generic type as constructor Shamil Khalilov Moscow 2019

Funny proposals

Just for fun proposals are proposals just for fun talking at party of the conference. For example 🐈(cat) prefix to functions

Proposal Author City and year of conference
Undecorators Aleksandr Shoronov Moscow 2019
Shut-up Operator Dima Starkov Moscow 2019


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