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Python scripts to collect newsletter entries from google docs
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A set scripts that help preparing the ESSA Newsletter for the editors Editors, originally written by Sascha Holzhauer (CESR, Kassel, Germany).

The European Social Simulation Association ( Newsletter is sent out every two weeks, containing the most relevant information to their members.

Previous releases are available for the members at the ESSA Site after logging in:

To submitt content for the next issue, use the google forms that allow everyone to enter in information about conferences, publications, job offers, and news, which helps us saving a lot of effort and ensures that the right information is at the right place. Do not forget to leave a name and email address in the "Other" field when you submit content:


Use the setup.exe in ./dist/Output to install the program on windows machines. Change at least the username in essanl.config (see below)

Configuration Issues

Configuration is done via ./config/essanl.config. Note that you need to change permission in case you installed ESSA-NL in your program folder.



Specify your google username that grants you access to the ESSA-NL google forms *


Directory that contains subfolders with the HTML header and footer ([issue-number] to be used for a specific issue and "general" to be used if no special folder names exists)


Target directory for downloaded google forms and the resulting HTML file.


Log files are placed here.



Has currently no effect

* mandatory to specify. For all other entries defaults should work.

Developing and Building the ESSA-Newsletter-Scripts

Requirements to develop


cd ./ESSA-NL/src/bild python py2exe


  • Make sure the essa_* modules are on the PYTHONPATH
  • In eclipse, you might want to use launcher/ESSA-NL
  • You might need to call it a second time in case InnoSetup raises an error during the first run)


version 1.1

  • Bugfix in gdata due to changes in google API
  • Dialog to confirm the program has ended
  • Handling user directory indicated by "~"


  • allow changing of essanl.config location
  • see scripts
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