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ioc2rpz change log

[CB] - Changed Behaviour

2021-07-31 v1.1.3.0

  • new REST API calls
  • source types
  • keep source in the hot cache

2020-12-31 v1.1.2.3

  • Fixed issue #35

2020-09-07 v1.1.2.2

  • Configuration hot cache time per source

2020-07-08 v1.1.2.1

  • [CB] By default only TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 are supported. If you need to downgrade to TLSv1.1 (not recommended) or support only TLSv1.3 update TLSVersion parameter in include/ioc2rpz.hrl

2020-02-20 v1.1.1.4

  • [CB] A default timeout (SourcePullTimeout - 5 minutes) was added to limit time for fetching feeds/sources via http/https/ftp.

2019-12-11 v1.1.1.3

  • [CB] IoC lookup REST API call. The submitted indicator converted to lowcase before the lookups.

2019-12-11 v1.1.1.2

  • [CB] IoC lookup REST API call output was modified

2019-12-11 v1.1.1.1

  • [CB] Regex expressions were updated to match any type of newline string chars "{newline, any}"

2019-12-10 v1.1.1.0

  • IoC lookup REST API call

2019-12-05 v1.1.0.2

  • Bug #20. Whitelists didn't work.

2019-11-25 v1.1.0.1

  • Bug with updating zones (broken packets after AXFR and wildcard rule after IXFR). It is recommended to upgrade to the newest release.

2019-09-28 v1.1.0.0

  • DoH (DNS over HTTPs) for SOA requests.

2019-09-20 v1.0.0.4

  • [CB] Filtering out indicators with illegal chars (ioc2rpz:clean_labels). Performance should be validated.

2019-09-20 v1.0.0.3

  • Bug. Incremental update. Indicators w/o expiration date were not added to a zone.

2019-09-15 v1.0.0.3

  • Fixed bug #17 "Full zone update brakes a zone and next incremental updates do not add new indicators".

2019-07-21 v1.0.0.2

-IPv4/IPv6 networks detection in IOCs for mixed zones -IPv6 localhost network detection in IOCs

2019-07-21 v1.0.0.1

  • RPZ statistics collected: # rules and # indicators

2019-07-21 v1.0.0.0

  • Released v1.0.0.0

2019-07-20 v0.9.5.0

  • Bug fixes related to IXFR zone update and transfer
  • [CB] Source IXFR update "from" time will be keept the same until we get "non zero" update.
  • Retry for unavailable sources (see ioc2rpz.hrl)
  • IXFR table management optimization

2019-06-13 v0.9.4.0

  • Fixed bugs:
    • #10 "redirect_domain add zone name"
    • live zones, wrong records count in the hot cache
  • Rule generation code was optimized
  • Configuration can be split by multiple files using "include"
  • Key groups for RPZs and SRV

2019-03-11 v0.9.3.1

  • added rebar3 to manage dependencies

2019-03-01 v0.9.2.1

  • bug with configuration reload

2019-02-24 v0.9.2.0

  • DoT (DNS over TLS) support for zone transfer, SOA and management requests (DNS Notify is not supported).

2019-02-22 v0.9.1.1

  • UDP service moved under supervisor

2019-02-15 v0.9.1

  • [CB] Connection and key validation log messages were formated in CEF
  • Request to reload TSIG keys list only.


  • IPv6 support
  • Configuration file name and IPs are moved to an app config file


  • concurent zone creation in a cache


  • [CB] tcp_send errors handeling
  • Query class and type in text in the logs


#- [CB] Individual indicators are converted into low case instead of converting a full source file. It was updated because of possible issues with REGEX. #It is require more memory. If memory is limited uncomment marked lines in ioc2rpz_conn.erl.


Added a reference to ioc2rpz.gui No code change

2018-01-07 v0.9.0-2018010701

Initial release