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Deployment on Docker

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The docker deployment is very easy:

  1. Install Docker on your server. Follow the documentation on
  2. Pull images pvmdel/ioc2rpz and pvmdel/ioc2rpz.gui
  3. Create following directories on a host system (you may create different directories but you will need to mount them to the relevant volumes):
    • /opt/ioc2rpz/cfg
    • /opt/ioc2rpz/db
    • /opt/ioc2rpz/ssl
  4. Start ioc2rpz.gui container
sudo docker run -d --name ioc2rpz.gui --log-driver=syslog  --restart always --mount type=bind,source=/opt/ioc2rpz/cfg,target=/opt/ioc2rpz.gui/export-cfg --mount type=bind,source=/opt/ioc2rpz/db,target=/opt/ioc2rpz.gui/www/io2cfg --mount type=bind,source=/opt/ioc2rpz/ssl,target=/etc/apache2/ssl -p80:80 -p443:443 pvmdel/ioc2rpz.gui
  1. Make initial configuration and publish it. Most important is to set the ioc2rpz management IP and ACL (the IP-address of ioc2rpz.gui) which are usually are in internal docker network. ioc2rpz will load the published configuration during start up and you will be able to publish configuration updates after on ioc2rpz.gui.
  2. Start ioc2rpz container
sudo docker run -d --name ioc2rpz --log-driver=syslog --restart always --mount type=bind,source=/opt/ioc2rpz/cfg,target=/opt/ioc2rpz/cfg --mount type=bind,source=/opt/ioc2rpz/db,target=/opt/ioc2rpz/db -p53:53 -p53:53/udp -p853:853 -p8443:8443 pvmdel/ioc2rpz
  1. You can pass a custom configuration file name via-e parameter. E.g. ./cfg/ioc2rpz2.conf

  2. Check firewall configuration on your host system. 53/udp, 53/tcp, 853/tcp, 8443/tcp ports should be opened for communications. Port 80/tcp may be opened for automatic redirection to https.