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Builds an edge map using canny edge detection.

Ported from AviSynth plugin


tcanny.TCanny(vnode clip[, float[] sigma=1.5, float[] sigma_v=sigma, float t_h=8.0, float t_l=1.0, int mode=0, int op=1, float scale=1.0, int opt=0, int[] planes=[0, 1, 2]])
  • clip: Clip to process. Any format with either integer sample type of 8-16 bit depth or float sample type of 32 bit depth is supported.

  • sigma: Standard deviation of horizontal gaussian blur. Setting to 0 disables gaussian blur. If a single sigma is specified, it will be used for all planes. If two sigma are given then the second value will be used for the third plane as well.

  • sigma_v: Standard deviation of vertical gaussian blur.

  • t_h: High gradient magnitude threshold for hysteresis.

  • t_l: Low gradient magnitude threshold for hysteresis.

  • mode: Sets output format.

    • -1 = gaussian blur only
    • 0 = thresholded edge map (MAX_PIXEL_VALUE for edge, 0 for non-edge)
    • 1 = gradient magnitude map
  • op: Sets the operator for edge detection.

    • 0 = the operator used in tritical's original filter
    • 1 = the Prewitt operator whose use is proposed by P. Zhou et al. [1]
    • 2 = the Sobel operator
    • 3 = the Scharr operator
    • 4 = the Kroon operator
    • 5 = the Kirsch operator
    • 6 = the FDoG operator
  • scale: Multiplies the gradient by scale. This can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of edges in the output.

  • opt: Sets which cpu optimizations to use.

    • 0 = auto detect
    • 1 = use c
    • 2 = use sse2
    • 3 = use avx2
    • 4 = use avx512
  • planes: Sets which planes will be processed. Any unprocessed planes will be simply copied.

[1]: Zhou, P., Ye, W., & Wang, Q. (2011). An Improved Canny Algorithm for Edge Detection. Journal of Computational Information Systems, 7(5), 1516-1523.


meson build
ninja -C build
ninja -C build install