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Add brew pull for easy integration of user patches

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MikeMcQuaid committed Nov 20, 2010
1 parent f0b6870 commit 7933bd4e657ee82207914683d0e689c48465d83a
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  1. +49 −0 Library/Contributions/examples/brew-pull.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,49 @@
# Gets a patch from a GitHub commit or pull request and applies it to Homebrew.
# Optionally, installs it too.

require 'utils.rb'

if ARGV.empty?
puts 'This command requires at least one URL argument'
exit 1

if ARGV.include? '--install'
ARGV.delete '--install'
install = true
end do
ARGV.each do|arg|
# This regex should work, if it's too precise, feel free to fix it.
if !arg.match 'https:\/\/\/\w+\/homebrew\/(pull\/\d+|commit\/\w{40})'
ohai 'Ignoring URL:', "Not a GitHub pull request or commit: #{arg}"

# GitHub provides commits'/pull-requests' raw patches using this URL.
url = arg + '.patch'

# The cache directory seems like a good place to put patches.
patchpath = (HOMEBREW_CACHE+File.basename(url))
curl url, '-o', patchpath

# Makes sense to squash whitespace errors, we don't want them.
ohai 'Applying patch'
safe_system 'git', 'am', '--signoff', '--whitespace=fix', patchpath

ohai 'Patch changed:'
safe_system 'git', 'diff', 'HEAD~1', '--stat'

if install
status, filename = `git diff HEAD~1 --name-status`.split()
# Don't try and do anything to removed files.
if status == 'A' or status == 'M'
formula = File.basename(filename, '.rb')
ohai "Installing #{formula}"
# Not sure if this is the best way to install?
safe_system 'brew', 'install', '--force', formula

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